Release liner

CPI provides solutions for surface treatment problems for which no traditional chemical coating solution exists, and have not been solved by alternative corona or plasma processes.

We offer the Highest processing speeds available on the market: we plasma treat polymer film at speeds between 50 and 500 m/min

With our patented designs of roll-to-roll (web) atmospheric cold plasma machines we offer turn-key solutions including development of specific chemistry or contract manufacturing services on our own equipment

CPI developed a patented  release liner which is manufactured on our Bluemach 2000 machine in a cleanroom environment and is the only atmospheric plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition release liner available today on an industrial scale. Our liner is produced for several European customers active in PU casting, film wrapping, transfer printing, etc

CPI is known for its unrivalled quality of film grafting and coating of difficult substrates like PEEK for gluing and metallization, used for example for multilayer insulation film (satellite and aerospace applications).

Application example

Car wrapping - Release coating

Release liner - car wrapping

Applications example
Textile printing - Release coating

Release coating - textile printing